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Ready to Transform Warehouse Operations? Apply Now!

Embark on a rewarding journey where your leadership skills will leave an indelible mark. Shape the future of our dynamic warehouse operations. Apply now and become an integral part of our success story!

Supervise the operations and responsibilities of the warehouse team and designated facility. Work with Operations leadership to make certain company and customer standards of service, quality, safety, and productivity are met.

Are you a natural-born leader with a passion for driving operational excellence? We are on the lookout for a dynamic and experienced individual to spearhead our team as a Warehouse Supervisor. If you thrive in a high-energy environment, excel at organizational wizardry, and are ready to inspire a team to greatness, seize this opportunity and catapult your career to new heights.

Why You Should Join Us:

  • Leadership Prowess: Be the driving force behind a talented team. Your leadership will shape a culture of peak productivity and unparalleled efficiency.

  • Logistics Mastery: Immerse yourself in the world of seamless shipments, precise merchandise organization, and meticulous inventory management. You will be the wizard behind the curtain making our warehouse operations run like clockwork.

  • Production Planning Prodigy: Showcase your skills in crafting and executing production schedules, allocating resources with finesse, and maintaining flawless time and production records. Your attention to detail will ensure job assignments are not just completed but surpassed.

  • Efficient Reporting: Your insights will be the compass guiding key decision-making processes. Track and send reports to designated plant personnel, keeping them in the loop on crucial warehouse activities.

  • Why You Are the One:

    You are looking for a role to dive into the heart of operations, working directly with cutting-edge machinery and material handling equipment. Your technical prowess will be on full display.

  • People Solutions: Solve challenges and foster open lines of communication at all levels. Your ability to transform issues into opportunities will contribute to a positive and thriving work environment.

  • Versatility: Embrace a variety of projects with enthusiasm and precision, showcasing your adaptability and commitment to continuous improvement.

  • What You Bring to the Table:

  • Tech-Savvy: Showcase your proficiency with Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), proving you’re not just keeping up with technology, but leading the charge.

  • Conflict Management: Your adept conflict resolution skills will be your secret weapon to navigate and conquer challenges effectively.

  • Physical Aptitude: Lift a minimum of 40 lbs., showcasing your physical prowess and readiness to tackle any challenge.

  • Flexibility: Embrace a dynamic work schedule, including weekends, to ensure operational success.

  • Resilience: Flourish in environments with varying noise levels, showcasing your adaptability and unyielding focus.

  • Waarom Lineage?

    Dit is een uitstekende positie om uw carrière binnen Lineage te beginnen! Succes in deze rol draagt bij aan meer verantwoordelijkheden, alsmede promoties in de toekomst! Een carrière bij Lineage begint met het leren van onze business en hoe ieder teamlid een belangrijke rol speelt en bijdraagt aan de tevredenheid van onze klanten. Daarnaast draagt u bij aan de groei van onze organisatie en het helpen realiseren van ons doel, namelijk de beste werkgever in onze brache worden. Wij zijn altijd benieuwd naar uw mening. betrokkenheid vinden wij belangrijk binnen Lineage. Werken bij Lineage is prettig en uitdagend, we gaan op een respectvolle manier met elkaar om en we geven om onze teamleden.

    Lineage biedt een dynamische en veilige werkomgeving, uitstekende arbeidsvoorwaarden en diverse doorgroeimogelijkheden.

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